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The launch of TARAVANDIJK


It’s here, finally. ‘MevrouwTara’ moved to ‘Tara van Dijk’. That’s one change, but I’m sure you have noticed that this post is written in English. It’s true, in the future everything will be in English. I wanted to change up things for a long time now but the breakthrough was when my friend Ilah decided to make a new blog, to start fresh and to blog in English rather than Dutch. MevrouwTara was a dutch name and that was the only reason to hold me back from blogging in English. Also, I wanted things to be more professional. I made ‘MevrouwTara’ when I was 11 years old, can you believe that? But I want to make my name my branch. I’m Tara van Dijk and this is my blog. ‘Tara van Dijk’ sounds better, in my opinion. It’s kinda a new start, but these are the two main changes that you’ll see. Oh, and have you seen my new layout already? What do you think?

The content on here will be mostly the same. I’m planning to do more ‘diary’ posts, posts where I upload a lot of pictures of an event that was happening in my life. There will be outfit posts, personal posts and sometimes a video between.

I’m shit in blogging frequently, maybe you have noticed that already. I’ll do my best but sometimes I’m just busy with school or other things. Saturday, however, there will be an article online. Until then you can read all my older posts (in dutch, but who got time to translate all that?) which are posted here, on ‘Tara van Dijk’, as well.

I hope you’ll like my new blog, have fun reading it!

One thought on “The launch of TARAVANDIJK”
  1. Ilah 1 maart 2016 on 16:08 Beantwoorden

    Gaaf zeg. Thanks voor de so. Leuke layout.

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